Anne is an artist and illustrator from Utrecht, the Netherlands.She creates textiles, ceramics and paintings, or something in between.

"My daily tight routine allows me to be fully occupied with my work. Most of the time, I don't experience anything out of the ordinary, but I do delve into the illusion of time and space, existential questions and being human.
I also like to analyse myself completely, because I have the feeling that I don't understand myself very well. At least, sometimes I seem to understand something and then it turns out to be not quite right.
Every morning I do yoga and analyse my body, every evening I write in my diary and analyse my thoughts and events.
In my work, I try to access my inner world. That can be either a huge wild oil painting or a miniature pen-and-ink drawing; or something in between." 


Uitzicht, Moving Gallery, Utrecht, 2023

Wij zijn hier, Moving Gallery, Utrecht, 2023

Works on Paper, Moving Gallery, Utrecht, 2022

Dutch Design WeekDesignperron, Eindhoven, 2020

Art UtrechtBroese pand, Utrecht, 2020

HKU ExposureHet Huis van Betekenis, Utrecht, 2020

TekenbeestHet Huis van Betekenis, Utrecht, 2019

ZeitgeistHet Broodlokaal , Zeist, 2019



Moving Gallery

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